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  • Designed to Rebuild, Recover, & Replenish
  • Clean carb
  • High protein

After FX is the ultimate post workout recovery formula that helps you rebuild, recover and repair. Contains: ProMatrixPlus – Ultra absorbing protein, Actolyn - Enhances the function of insulin, And Clean Carb – The ideal nutrient dense, carbohydrate source that does not spike blood sugar.

Get the Essential Fitness Edge With Ideal Post-Workout Nutrition!

Don't cheat yourself out of maximum results by eating empty supplements after your hard work in the gym.


Taking the guesswork out of post-workout nutrition, After FX delivers the perfect combination of food sources and insulin regulation. Whether you want to improve athletic performance, lose weight or both, After FX takes your workout results to a whole new level.

  • Staggered-release protein blend
  • Low-glycemic, essential carbohydrates
  • Enhanced insulin activation for maximum fat-burning
Get After FX
24 Servings

Proper post-workout nutrition is vital to reaching your fitness goals. That is a fact. However, what defines this nutrition gets much debate. After FX is ideal nourishment with superior protein and an anti-oxidant rich carbohydrate source that rebuilds and restores muscle tissue and glycogen.

After a workout, your body's demand for protein and carbohydrates is at its highest. If you eat the ideal sources of them within one hour of your workout, you will maximize recovery and the restoration of glycogen. However, there is also a 6-hour time frame in which protein requirements for the muscle can be optimized.

After FX contains ProMatrixPlus, a highly advanced protein blend that combines four different protein sources (whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, micellar protein, calcium caseinate). Each is absorbed at a different rate for up to six hours. ProMatrixPlus is easily digested and tolerated and contains the highest Leucine content of any protein source on the market. Leucine activates a metabolic pathway called mTOR for protein balance.

CleanCarb is another key in After FX. A combination of purple sweet potato and pomegranate juice powder, it is an excellent source for restoring glycogen to your muscles. Its high phyto-nutrient and anti-oxidant density adds an additional health component needed for muscles that are recovering.

Actilin is an exciting new breakthrough in post workout nutrition. Our unique combination of full spectrum standardized cinnamon extract and gymnema sylvestre extract (GS4) enhances effectiveness of your metabolic hormone insulin. After a workout your muscles have a one hour window to optimize muscle repair and replenish glycogen stores. Insulin has the crucial job of delivering protein (amino acids) and carbohydrate (glycogen) to the muscle. Actilin enhances this effect without the downside of spiking insulin levels, enabling your body to burn fat more effectively and optimize the overall results of your workout.


Full Spectrum Digestive Enzymes:

This unique combination promotes optimal digestion and absorption of proteins, fats and oils and carbohydrates.

Cinnamon Extract:

This component of our Actilin is a standardized extract that supports blood sugar control, making insulin more effective and sensitive at the cellular level.

GS4 Gymnema Sylvestre Extract:

Another component of our Actilin, this standardized extract prevents blood sugar spikes and helps repair insulin resistance.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
* Actual results depend on your own goals and starting weight.
** Results not typical. Average weight loss is 11.5 lbs of body fat over a 60-day period.